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Suspension lamp

Lighting system or ceiling suspension dedicated to large environments, especially if particularly high. Zeno is characterized by the possibility of combining different light sources, and able to realize intensity and colors of light depending on the desired performance. A large disk of strong visual impact and high-level reflectance houses the fluorescent light sources, direct sunlight or to the PAR, for direct lighting and focused. A large disk with high visual impact and high reflector levels for direct and focused lighting. Lamps for indirect or reflected lighting, can be housed in the overhanging ring below. Zeno can reach the highest levels of overall light output (up to 30,000 lumens). The project is being developed as part of research Luceplan on the uses of alternative energy in lighting and, in particular, on the sunlight. Through the use of external concentrators, the system was established to direct sunlight environments, integrating it with artificial light when the weather changes or the regular alternation between night and day require it.







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