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Software, branding and website

Entire corporate identity for Riskturn, the financial business software for business forecasting.
The project has connected the typography, in a business-oriented style, and the percentage symbol, the recurring theme of the business operations.


RISKTURN is the first software dedicated to the probabilistic forecast of future cash flows. RISKTURN clients, either experts or not in quantitative risk management, are all enthusiastic about having an intuitive interface to create a set of advanced investment valuation criteria such as CFaR, VaR, probabilistic NPV, IRR, ROI. The data visualization is shown with an intuitive and interactive UI, while the style sheets for the business forecast are presented in 5 steps with the support of dynamic animations.


Responsive website designed to communicate the potentiality of Riskturn, the Techedge software for the Monte Carlo business analysis. The website, part of the brand identity whole project, presents the software in a user-friendly way, with a simple and intuitive interface to lead the business forecast in 5 steps and with the support of dynamic animations.




related works

The site is optimized for portrait view.
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