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Filter jar

The shape of PURA is essentially geometric and thus pure.

Some details make the object’s image close to a tableware more than a current water purifier jar: no technical object but interior decoration accessory. The final design makes the carafe an object that can be placed and showed on the table board along with crystals and porcelains.

Some signs make clear the character of the object:
∙ the conical and linear outer body
∙ the inner container with hyperbolic shape resembles a water drop that detaches from a surface
∙ the lid that has shape of funnel and match by functionality and geometry
∙ the colorful accessory that hide the filter view
∙ the satin handle that has a gentle tactility
∙ the crystalline transparency and quality of the materials used for the injection molding

The lid is cut in diagonal. It gives the total shape a kind of visual affordance of the pouring gesture. At the same time its funnel geometry even simple is very functional for water intake.
Together with the lid, all the shape is slightly inclined in the direction of the water pouring.

Going more in details, it is possible to underline the design of the handle that has a special shape studied to make the touch gentler. This quality is reached through the finishing of the surface and the thickness of the injection. Both are designed not to make the handle appear a simple and cheap plastic work but to give visual solidity and haptic pleasure like it was in glass.


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