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High speed blender

The design of the product is inspired by the fluidity. The shape reminds to the essence of the product’s functionality: to transform solid fruit in fluid juice.

Fluidity is reached by shaping the main unit like a wave.

The final product architecture has a deep sophistication in order to build a solid looking body made in two components perfectly aligned without any visible materials’ thickness. The construction can be call borderless and represent a uniqueness among plastic made mass manufactured products. The eye can follow the top linear joint without encounter any imperfection.

The feeling is somehow similar to a craft made wood work because of the perfect alignment of all surfaces.

The top component of the body unit is made in black semi-transparent black and following lacquering processes in order to obtain a double curvature surfaces totally black when the interface is turned off. When on, the interface is illuminated and visible through the top component.

Simple, intuitive functionality comes with the five settings that come pre-programmed into this elegant device. It’s perfectly suited to the demanding blender tasks of the living foods lifestyle as well as offering optimum performance to the creative home chef.






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