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Sliding door system for bathroom

The majesty of the arrangement can be observed through the surfaces, the thicknesses, the angles, the colorways, but above all through the enormous expressive potential of the materials. In Mimesi, shapes, light and space interface and interact, creating a primitive language and blending with the surroundings. At the back, the extensive surface reveals the functional content of the furnishings.

Mimesi is an imitation of nature – small waterfalls that open in a muggy dark forest (metaphorically defined by the sliding panels in burnished bronze). The luminous line that separates the sliding panels indicates the point where they can be opened; the reflection of light announces the stream of water generated by and hidden behind them. When the panels open the metaphoric waterfall is revealed – another reflecting surface is also a basin.

The metal walls camouflage the accessories, the mirrors, the storage containers and the basin. The basin has been created with brown Tarquinia stone and is complete with a mirror front panel; the storage containers are stained wood, the wall system is in smoked mahogany.

Mimesi interprets the austere and linear imagination of Minotticucine and applies it to the bathroom with a system composed of a wash basin, a mirror and two large equipped containers. The sliding door system, hidden behind the scenes of a strong materiality, originates a strong light vibration.




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