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Light & Building 2012

Fair stand

The project consolidates the value of the new brand, Castaldi Lighting, that was formed from the merger of the two companies, Castaldi and Norlight. The image is both monumental and dynamic like a piece of architecture illuminated by the products. The uniformity of the vertical dimension draws the eyes along the perimeter of the installation and beyond to examine the interiors.
There are two main finishes: whitewash and cement marked by the quarterdecks. They were inspired by two of the company’s main operational areas: the interior design of modern buildings and architectonic exteriors. The two materials can be likened to a stage on which the products are cast in their respective illumination technology parts.

Integrated with images and sound, a large screen positioned in the central area of the building and tells the story of the technological aspects of the products and the construction details; these animate the design and drive the consequent notoriety of the brand. In a symmetrical position, a block of cement stands in front of the screen and together these define the stand’s internal visual axis.


Castaldi Lighting




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