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Sistema modulare indossabile per la gestione del dolore cronico

Matteo Camera Interaction Design, Industrial Design 2024

Sistema integrativo al controllo accessi in spazi co-working

Francesco Turano Interaction Design, Industrial Design 2024
LARES: Communicating Differently

The Essence of Calm Technology in a Connected Home

Michela Moretti Interaction Design, Industrial Design 2024

A sustainable way to dispose of and recycle used
cooking oil into liquid soap

Matteo Corradini Interaction Design, Industrial Design 2024

Redefining Personalised Health

Farida Agzamova Interaction Design, Industrial Design 2024

An emotional support system based on thermochromic materials and position capturing technology.

Ye Cai Interaction Design, Industrial Design 2023

Indoor smart exercise bike guiding the user

Gianfranco Bartucca Industrial Design 2023

Wearable AR projector for augmented workplace training.

Francesco Carlucci Industrial Design 2023

Bike Navigation Service Based On Air Quality.

Stefano Patiti Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Service Design 2023

A running respirator to protect from city smog.

Andrea Bertezzoni Industrial Design 2022
Smart Fresh

Advanced Preservation of Fresh Produce at Home

Vasyl Pavlyuchok Industrial Design 2021

Sexuality and disability. Stimulation and sensory focusing of secondary erogenous zones involving sexual independence in becoming aware of one’s own body and pleasure.

Elisa Mastrogiacomo Industrial Design 2021

Design of a hearable device able to monitor physiological signals during work activity, detecting stress situations.

Lorenzo Gecchelin Industrial Design, Interaction Design 2020
Soft Future

A new home automation, a semantic point linked to the habit and familiarity of gestures or the spatial role of the object.

Paolo Dal Santo Industrial Design, Interaction Design 2020

A system to enhance productivity at work.

Çisil Çalipinar Industrial Design 2020

A system that uses biofeedback to personalise the music listening experience.

Nicolò Andreoli Interaction Design, Industrial Design 2020

A smart reusable water bottle with thermal insulation that heats or cools the liquid, according to the type of beverage provided by the capsule.

Arturo Testerini Industrial Design 2020

A foldable sound-absorbing desk driver that supports office work by providing privacy and enhancing collaboration between colleagues with interactive projectors.

Federico Chiusaroli Industrial Design 2019
Core Trainer

A semi-active tutor with the aim of educating the user to maintain a correct posture during working activities.

Margherita Casadei Industrial Design 2019

A product-system to assist new parents in the management of their newborn’s sleep and remote monitoring of respiratory rate.

Francesca Bernecich Industrial Design 2019
blue, box task light

A luminous device to correct circadian circadian rhythm disturbances and to compensate for the lack of sunlight during the winter months.

Germana Lunghi Industrial Design 2018

The smart kitchen for the millennials: a complementary system to the
Multiquick 7 blender from Braun.

Giulio Tedeschi Industrial Design 2018

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