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Intercall App

Android Intercom App

A dynamic icon for loading, it reproduces the construction of the corporate logo through the aggregation of simple geometric elements.

The Intercall App is a software package for a remote entry phone intercom system; however, it also consents call functions between users linked to the same plant as well as command actions for physical activities such as the opening of doors, turning on of lights and the like. Other additional functions are the recording and reproduction of video-messages and the creation of user address books.

The main concept is the virtual reproduction of the action of leafing the pages of a telephone or address book.

The different colors indicate the actions that the user is expected to perform. Green screens indicate the actions induced by the system or other external users and which must be answered by the user (for example, incoming calls). White screens indicate explicit commands from the user.

The system has is multiplatform design for Android and iOS operative systems and adapts to different resolutions and proportions of the displays on which the images are presented.






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